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Jesus-HomosexualitySix weeks ago I posted a tally of the disproportionate number of articles about homosexuality at The Gospel Coalition. Since a month has passed since the last tally, here are the latest numbers. Since January 2012, the site has posted:

31 articles about the theological case against homosexuality and/or gay marriage.

17 articles about evangelism.

8 articles about caring for the poor and/or the Social Justice movement.

4 articles about divorce.

2 thoughts on “The Gospel Coalition Update

  1. In light of the plethora of TGC blog posts regarding Phil Robertson’s (Duck Dynasty) comments about homosexuality and the concurrent news of Nelson Mandela’s death, I searched the TGC blog sites for references to Nelson Mandela. Here is what I found by searching (within the time-line allowed by the TGC archive) nine (9) prominent TGC blog sites:

    a) A total of four (4) references to Nelson Mandela among the nine (sites)

    b) Two (2) of the references were the same article (an article regarding Desmond Tutu’s stand on homosexuality and the appropriate Christian response – Mandela referenced only as “South Africa’s favorite son”)

    c) A third site highlighted a speech by President Obama … Mandela mentioned in passing

    d) The fourth site made mention of Nelson Mandela in the following statement “Morgan Freeman looks like Nelson Mandela and Matt Damon likes to take his shirt off. I came to this scientific conclusion from seeing bits of Invictus on the plane.”

    e) None of these posts were made anytime near the death of Nelson Mandela

    f) None of the posts touched, even obliquely, on what I wrote previously (i.e. “In the face of the tremendous suffering he endured, he rejected hatred and bitterness and, instead, called his country to confession, forgiveness and reconciliation – not to mention the social equality he personally inspired and the abolition of apartheid. In doing this, he modeled true spirituality”)

    I also searched the same nine (9) TGC blog sites for references to homosexuality since my observation was initiated by multiple posts of Phil Robertson’s predicament resulting from his Duck Dynasty comments regarding homosexuality. Here are my findings:

    a) A total of seventy-nine (79) posts referencing homosexuality among eight (8) of those sites

    b) Approximately 90% of those posts intensely discussed the subject of homosexuality

    c) Only one (1) of the blog sites drew no posts referencing homosexuality

    So, what are we to think of this … that an active homosexual lifestyle is the most important topic for discussion among Christians? … that the number of posts are the result of new laws being passed? … that homosexuality is the greatest potential danger facing the Church? … that Nelson Mandela is not held in high esteem in conservative Christian circles? … that Mandela had something in his background that we should meet with our disapproval? … Perhaps.

    But, when the passing of a personage the likes of Mandela draws no attention or serious reflection in our circle … yet, Phil Robertson does … then I sense there is a virus afoot in the Body.

    Forgiveness, reconciliation, equality, justice for the oppressed – these are the values that should define us as followers of Christ. These are the things upon which we should focus.

    (this was posted as a reply on Jared Wilson’s Duck Dynasty post)

    • Interesting results. I wouldn’t say that homosexuality is the most important topic for Christians, though. I would say that for many Christians it is the most important topic, although they are loathe to admit it (that’s why I started tracking the frequency of the topic.)

      I’m glad you checked into TGC’s lack of interest in Nelson Mandela. I suspect that in evangelical culture Mandela stood a rare zone where he was too liberal to heap praise on and mourn, but also too safe and uncontroversial to write a final indictment on a la Christopher Hitchens.

      Good points regarding where our values should be.

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